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A Medieval Music Drama
Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger
with Music by
Robert Hugill

World Premiere 15TH April 1999
Veronicas Veil Auditorium
44 Pius Street


Early in the first Act Cheryl Esposito and G. Michael D'Millo share a brilliant a cappella duet as the spirit of Julian of Norwich and the choir boy,
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Weekend Magazine, April 16th 1999

Robert Hugill's Music is enchanting (pun intended)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 22nd 1999

Offstage, however, a small choir distantly accompanies most of the scenes, soulfully chanting Hugill's music. The music is a lot easier to listen to than the dialogue
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 22nd 1999

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