Collect for choir and cello recorded live by the eight:fifteen vocal ensemble with Jonathan Cottle (cello), conductor Malcolm Cottle.
NEW New to the catalogue:When David heard
004201Nunc Dimittis5'B
Choir: SATB + Organ
'My days are swifter than a weaver's shuttle, and are spent without hope.'
A setting which contrasts Job's haunting words from Job 7, with the song of Simeon (Nunc Dimittis).
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004202Sing to the Lord a new Song5'C
Choir: SATB + Piano
Joyful setting of words taken from Psalm 98.
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004203I will Extol Thee3'A
'I will extol thee, O Lord: for thou has lifted me up'
An English version of the Exaltabo te from Three Prayers.
004204For as often as ye eat this bread4'30A
Choir: SATTB
'For as often as ye eat this bread'
Communion Motet - Words from the Communion sentence for the Feast of Corpus Christi.
004205Prove yourselves doers of the word3'A
Choir: SATB
'Prove yourselves doers of the word and not merely hearers who delude themselves.'
Words taken from James 1.
004206Collect for Choir and Cello4'10B
Choir: SATB + solo Cello
'Lighten our darkness we beseech thee O Lord, and by thy great mercy defend us.'
Words taken from the Collect for Peace, from Evensong.
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004207I saw the Lord8'C
Choir: S(S)A(A)TTB
'I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne'
Isaiah's vision of the Lord from Chapter 6.
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004208My eyes are ever turned towards the Lord8'B
Choir: SATB + organ
Verse anthem based on Psalm 24.
The anthem derives from a motet in Tempus per Annum, this is an expansion of the English version of the motet with additional words taken from Psalm 24. It is not quite strictly in Verse Anthem form but mixes solo passages with choral refrains in a verse anthem like way.
004209God be merciful unto us4'B
Choir: SATB, soli + organ
Verse anthem based on Psalm 67.
004210Lege mich wie ein Siegel (Set me as a seal upon thine Heart)4'A
Choir: SATB
Anthem setting Luther's German translation of verse from the Song of Solomon
004211A New Song2'30B
Choir: SAATB
Anthem setting the first verse of Psalm 98 in a lively and attractively rhythmic style.
004212Thou, O Christ3'30A
Choir: SATB
Setting of a prayer by St. Symeon the New Theologian.
004213When David heard NEW6'15A
The familiar words from II Samuel 18:33 in an atmospheric setting for unaccompanied eight-part choir. Composed partly as a result of a challenge from a choir member, our choir having sung a large number of settings of the text from Renaissance right through to contemporary.
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005508Faith, Hope, Charity for cello and choir4'
Choir: SATB + solo cello

Written for cellist, Corinne Morris, and London Concord Singers this arrangement of the solo motet, Faith, Hope and Charity atmospherically transfers the solo soprano line to the cello with the choir providing the accompaniment to magical effect.

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