When a Man Knows, recorded live 2011.
007000Garrett, Opera in 1 Act - (vocal score)60'L
Garrett (baritone), Israfel (soprano), Narrator (speaker), 2 Flutes, Viola, Cello, Guitar (acoustic/electric), Piano
'When you ask love to be your dance partner, the music never stops'
'harmoniously apt' - Opera Magazine, October 2001
'timelessly atmospheric music' - John Humphries, BMS Newsletter
A chamber opera based on the play by Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger, first performed by FifteenB productions at Hoxton Hall in 2001 in a prodcution directed by Darren Royston.
'an endearing story with philosophical and metaphysical implications'
Opera Magazine, October 2001
programme note
007004Candledancing, incidental music40'K
Soprano and Mezzo-Soprano Soli, Choir(SATB), Flute, Oboe, Organ, Percussion
'To seek with joy, To wait with Love and to trust with faith'
a small choir distantly accompanies most of the scenes, soulfully chanting Hugill's music. The music is a lot easier to listen to than the dialogue
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 22nd 1999

Incidental music for the play by Coni Ciongoli-Koepfinger. The music includes a requiem mass (Introit, Kyrie and Agnus Dei) along with settings of the words of Julian of Norwich. The score was commended in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's annual critics' pick of the year for 1999
'Robert Hugill's music is enchanting (pun intended). - April 22nd 1999 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
   Prologue (Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Chorus, Organ)
   Act I - Ominous Entracte (Flute, Oboe, Snare-drum and Organ)
   Act I - Medieval Entracte (Chorus and Bells)
   Act I Scene 4 - Will's Alleluias (Soprano and Speaker)
   Act I Scene 4 - Miracle in the Lav (Speakers, Flute, Oboe and Organ, with chorus ad lib)
   Act II Scene 1 - Agnus Dei (Chorus with Organ ad.lib)
   Act II - Short Omious Entracte (Flute, Oboe, Snare-Drum and Organ)
   Act II Scene 4 - Requiem Mass - Introit, Kyrie, Agnus Dei, Will's Dance
      (Soprano, Choir, Flute, Oboe, Tom-tom and Organ)
   Epilogue (Soprano, Chorus, Organ)
Early in the first Act Cheryl Esposito and G. Michael D'Millo share a brilliant a cappella duet as the spirit of Julian of Norwich and the choir boy,
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Weekend Magazine, April 16th 1999

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