Tempus per Annum is a project to write a cycle of motets for the church's year based on the texts of the Latin introits for each Sunday and major feast. The first three volumes, motets for Advent, Christmastide, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Eastertide, Whit Sunday and Trinity Sunday, and motets for the first 18 Sundays in Ordinary Time, are now available and the final volume is currently in progress. The motets are all being made available for free-download through the CPDL website.

Tempus per Annum - advent motets, recorded live in 2005 by the eight:fifteen vocal ensemble, conductor Malcolm Cottle.
Volume 1TitleDurationVoices
11st Sunday in AdventAd te Levavi03:00SATBhttp://www.cpdl.org/wiki/index.php/Ad_te_levavi_(Robert_Hugill)
22nd Sunday in AdventPopulus Sion05:20SATB
33rd Sunday in AdventGaudete02:40SATB
44th Sunday in AdventRorate Coeli03:25SATB
5Vigil of the Nativity of Our LordHodie Scietis02:40SATB
6Nativity of Our Lord, First Mass at MidnightDominus dixit ad me03:15SATB
7Nativity of Our Lord, 2nd Mass at DawnLux fulgebit super nos04:15SATB
8Nativity of Our Lord, 3rd Mass during the dayPuer natus est nobis04:00SATB
9Sunday in the Octave of Christmas, the Holy FamilyDeus in loco sancte suo03:20SATB
10January 1st, Mary Mother of GodSalve Sancta Parens04:00SATB
112nd Sunday after the NativityDeum medium silentium03:00SATB
12January 6th Mass of the EpiphanyEcce advenit Dominatur Dominus05:00SATB
13Sunday after January 6th, Baptism of Our LordDilexisti Justitiam03:10SATB
Volume 2
14Ash WednesdayMisereris Omnium03:00SATB
151st Sunday in LentInvocabit me02:30SATB
162nd Sunday in LentTibix dixit02:30SATB
173rd Sunday in LentOculi mei02:15SATB
184th Sunday in LentLaetare, Jerusalem01:50SATB
195th Sunday in LentJudica me02:10SATB
Holy Week
20Palm SundayIngrediente Domino02:30SATB
21Palm SundayHosanna, Filo David02:45SATB
22Maundy ThursdayNos autem gloriari03:15SATB
23Good FridayCrucem tuam adoramus03:30SATB
24Easter Saturday, Vigil massJubilate Deo03:30SATB
25Easter SundayResurrexi04:30SATB
262nd Sunday of EasterQuasi modo02:10SATB
273rd Sunday of EasterJubilate Deo04:00SATB
284th Sunday of EasterMisericordia Domini02:00SATB
295th Sunday of EasterCantate Domino02:00SATB
306th Sunday of EasterVocem jucunditatis annuntiate03:00SATB
31The Ascension of our LordViri Galilaei02:30SATB
327th Sunday of EasterExaudi Domine04:30SATB
33Whit Sunday, Vigil MassCaritas Dei03:15SATB
34Whit Sunday, Mass during the daySpiritus Domini02:30SATB
351st Sunday after Pentecost, Trinity SundayBenedicta si sancta trinitas02:50SATB
Volume 3
Ordinary Time
361st Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn excelso throno03:45SSATB
372nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeOmnis Terra02:40SSATB
383rd Sunday in Ordinary TimeAdorate Deum03:44SAATB
394th Sunday in Ordinary TimeLaetetur cor02:20SAATB
405th Sunday in Ordinary TimeVenite, adoremus Deum03:15SATTB
416th Sunday in Ordinary TimeEsto mihi in Deum03:30SATTB
427th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDomine, in tua misericordia02:30SATBB
438th Sunday in Ordinary TimeFactus est Dominus03:20SATBB
449th Sunday in Ordinary TimeRespice in me03:40SSATB
4510th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDominus illuminatione mea02:20SSATB
4611th Sunday in Ordinary TimeExaudi Domine03:00SSATB
4712th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDominus fortidudo plebis03:40SAATB
4813th Sunday in Ordinary TimeOmnes gentes04:15SAATB
4914th Sunday in Ordinary TimeSuscepimus Deus03:40SATTB
5015th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDum clamarem ad Dominum05:40SATTB
5116th Sunday in Ordinary TimeEcce Deus adiuvat me03:00SATBB
5217th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDeus in loco sancte suo03:30SATBB
5318th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDeus in adiutorium meum04:00SATTB
5419th Sunday in Ordinary TimeRespice Domine03:15SATB
5520th Sunday in Ordinary TimeProtector noster04:00S(S)ATB
5621st Sunday in Ordinary TimeInclina Domine02:10SATB
5722nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeMiserere mihi04:40SSATTB
5823rd Sunday in Ordinary TimeIustus es Domine02:20SSATTB
5924th Sunday in Ordinary TimeDa pacem, Domine03:10SSATTB
6025th Sunday in Ordinary TimeSalus populi02:00SATTBB
6126th Sunday in Ordinary TimeOmnia quae fecisti nobis03:00SAATBB
6227th Sunday in Ordinary TimeIn voluntate tua02:40SSATTB
6328th Sunday in Ordinary TimeSi iniquitates
6429th Sunday in Ordinary TimeEgo clamavi
6530th Sunday in Ordinary TimeLaetetur cor
6631st Sunday in Ordinary TimeNe derelinquas me
6732nd Sunday in Ordinary TimeIntret oratio mea
6833rd Sunday in Ordinary TimeDicit Dominus
6934th Sunday in Ordinary TimeLoquetur Dominus
70Feast of Christ the KingDignus est Agnus
711st November, All SaintsGaudeamus omnes
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